Our Leadership

H.M. "Bill" Bobo



1919 - 2002

J.W. Bobo



Tel: 256.335.2626


James W. Bobo, II

James W Bobo II

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 256.335.2637


Our Values

Radical Transparency

We believe in building open, honest relationships with capital partners, clients, staff, industry peers, and want to give everyone the ability to share their thoughts.

Radical Trust

We believe in keeping the promises we make and are committed to doing business the right way.

Radical Passion

We're passionate about our industry and we're focused on achieving superior results for our clients, members, and communities.

Radical Performance

We're focused on driving results and creating efficiencies in everything we do. Persistence and determination is in our DNA.

Investment Strategy

Managing Risk


Being attentive of and periodically assessing market cycles is one of the major keys in identifying, planning, and managing our risk

Stable Returns


We believe and invest in multifamily because of its demonstrated, long-term ability to provide dependable returns regardless of market cycle

Market Positioning


Positioning ourselves within strong growth markets will enable us to provide competitive annual returns and long-term growth